Our services

Our range of services and repairs

Screen Replacement

We offer screen replacements on pretty much all mobile phones best way to get you quote is to contact us!

Water Damage

We repair all water damaged phones using a cleaning solution (this includes full disassembly of the device)

Electronic repair

We will give anything a go be it your TV, laptop, Home PC and many other items

One of our most common questions is what to do with a water damaged device?
as a rule of thumb you should always try to get your device in to a repair shop within 48 hours of the incident occuring and one of the most common misconceptions is to use rice... Rice should be avoided at all cost as it only draws moister further throughout the device causing more damage internally!
Best thing to do is turn off your device straight away and do not attempt to plug in to charge. bringing it straight to us almost always gets you a working device!

How we do things

We have dedicated spaces to  work in and use nothing but the best equipment to repair your devices. we have a wide range of cleaning solutions, parts and tools that we keep updated as to ensure a 100% quality repair!

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